Bedsheets - 1000TC Genuine Egyptian Cotton Bedsheets - 3Pcs

1000TC Genuine Egyptian Cotton Bedsheets - 3Pcs

From $49

Experience luxurious comfort while enhancing your bedroom decor with this Egyptian cotton fitted sheet set. This ultra-soft 1000 thread count fitted sheet set offers superior comfort to ensure a peaceful night's rest. Made of 100% Egyptian cotton with a luxurious sateen weave, we have set...
12V Portable Food Warmer

12V Portable Food Warmer


12 Volt Large Portable Stove | Easy to setup and use | Heats food in just 3 minutesPerfect for cooking and/or storing food hot on those long trips. It gets up to 149°C and its insulated design keeps food hot, while the outside stays cool....
Health - Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

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Highlights• Black ecological whitening toothpaste with Activated Charcoal, Coconut Oil, Benonite Clay, Xylitol, Xanthan Gum and Spearmint/Lemon essential oils• Activated charcoal helps whiten teeth while promoting good oral health by changing the pH balance in the mouth, helping prevent cavities, bad breath, and gum disease....
Bagpack - Anti-Theft Water Repellent Laptop Backpack

Anti-Theft Water Repellent Laptop Backpack

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Highlights • Perspiration breathable, Anti-theft structure• Weight balanced design allows you to feel weight loss to 20%• Elastic bandage on the back can be used to attach the bag to your suitcase• Advanced storage design makes things well organized. Applies to 14 "laptops, iPad• Integrated...
Beding - Australian Merino Wool Quilt

Australian Merino Wool Quilt

From $79

Highlights• 500GSM winter weight• 100% premium quality Australian wool with Merino• Woolmark certified• 100% pure soft down proof cotton Japara fabric cover• Box stitched: Prevent filling from shifting• Anti-bacterial & allergy FREE• Double needle stitch with self fabric pipingSpecifications• Cover: 100% Down Proof Cotton• Filling:...
Pet Product - Cave Style Pet Bed

Cave Style Pet Bed


Unique Design Combining the style and comfort, this pet bed has the cutest outlook of all. Imagine your cat snuggle inside and having their nap. Just a scene that you wouldn't want to miss out. The ultra-soft sleeping surface gives them the warmness and a...
Awning - DIY Window Door Awning Cover

DIY Window Door Awning Cover

From $109

Featuring extra thick 6mm panel with sturdy aluminium bars, this DIY Door & Window Awning is ideal for adding shade and value to your home and business. The DIY awning is designed to be versatile that it can applied as a door canopy, window awning...
Mink Blanket - Double Sided Mink Blanket

Double Sided Mink Blanket

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Highlights• Quality Made-In-India double-Sided rugs for extra warmth on those cold winter nights.• These lovely super-soft faux mink blankets are just right for extra warmth in bed or on your couch.• Our high-quality faux mink blankets are not the cheap type you see from other...
Kitchen, Christmas, Electrical - Electric Convection Oven 17L

Electric Convection Oven 17L


Highlights• Multi-programs convection oven• Large 17L capacity (w/ extender ring included)• 60 minutes timer• 60° ~ 250° thermostat control• High speed turbo heating system - even cooking• Oil-less cooking• Cooks 2-3 times faster than standard oven• Saves up to 60% energy• Transparent & heat resistant...
Electronics,Home & Garden,Gift Ideas,Kitchen & Appliances - Electric Food Dehydrator

Electric Food Dehydrator

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Make your own healthy snacks with the help of this smart electric food dehydrator! Dry fruits, veges, meat, poultry, nuts & so much more in just a few hours. Just switch on the appliance and set the temperature and you won't have to worry about...
Towel Rail - Electric Heated Towel Rail

Electric Heated Towel Rail

On Sale $79 Regular price $169

Instant Heat Imagine wrapping yourself up with a warm, dry and fluffy towel after shower on a cold winter. This can be a dream come true instantly. This towel rail heat up as fast as 3 minutes, guaranteed you with a warm towel or clothing....
Electric Heated Warm Wrap

Electric Heated Warm Wrap

On Sale $69 Regular price $89

Snuggle up in our Electric Throw Rug while on your sofa or couch and we guarantee you’ll love that warm and cozy feeling instantly. Made of lightweight and super-soft high-density coral fleece, our electric throw rugs are just the thing to help you cut down...
Clothing Rack - Foldable 6-Tier Cloth Drying Rack

Foldable 6-Tier Cloth Drying Rack

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No more complaints about not having enough hanger space to dry your washing. Our lightweight and durable stainless steel 6-tier Clothes Hanger has plenty of space for more than just clothes. Ideal for outdoor and indoor use, the Clothes Hanger has a 3-tier clothes drying...
Electric Underlay - Fully Fitted Electric Heated Underlay

Fully Fitted Electric Heated Underlay

On Sale from $59 Regular price $79

Sleep better every winter night knowing that you have the Giselle Fully Fitted 100% Polyester Electric Blanket to help you stay warm and cozy throughout your forty winks. Featuring a 100% polyester underlay, the Fully Fitted Electric Blanket allows you to set up to nine...
Books - Game Of Thrones: Complete Book Set

Game of Thrones: Complete Book Set

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Highlights• Indulge  yourself in the greatest fantasy epic of the modern age• Author George R R Martin has conjured up a complex and vibrant world featuring a huge cast of fascinating characters, boasting a history that stretches back twelve thousand yearsBox set includes all 7...
Green House - Garden Green House

Garden Green House

On Sale $49 Regular price $69

Highlights• Ideal for decks, patios and small gardens• Roll up zipper door• 4 plant shelves• Removable PVC cover• Straps design• Easy to install• No tools neededSpecification• Frame: Powder coated frame• Cover: Transparent PVC• Dimension: 70 x 50 x 160cmBuy Details• Price Include Postage and Handling•...
Heater - Heatstrip Radiant Indoor/Outdoor Heater

Heatstrip Radiant Indoor/Outdoor Heater

On Sale from $189 Regular price $399

Save Floor Space Can be wall or ceiling mounted, gives you the opportunity to use more floor space for something else. Comes with adjustable mountable brackets, you just need to find a suitable spot and easily mount it on. Sun-like Heat Work as an infared...
Home & Garden - Heavy Duty Gutter Brush Guards

Heavy Duty Gutter Brush Guards

From $45

Highlights• Place these rigid, nylon brushes in your gutter and they'll keep out falling leaves, debris, and even wildlife without affecting the flow of water.• Best tool to prevent picking out all the debris that fell into gutter and clogged gutters• Nylon bristles and 304...
Inverted Umbrellas - Pack Of 2

Inverted Umbrellas - Pack Of 2


Highlights• Innovative inside-out design: a brilliant upside-down contraption allowing you to fold your umbrella with the wet surface being enclosed while its outer surface kept dry by the reverse folding mechanism.• Hands-free in the rain: an ergonomic C-shaped handgrip that's placed around your wrist acts...
Home & Garden - LED Light Tracing Board

LED Light Tracing Board

From $69

Highlights• Ultra slim, easy to carry and store• Easy on/off touch switch• Bright and smooth working surface• Printed ruler lines along left and top edges• Smart touch switch control to adjust brightness• Eco-friendly, no harm to eyes and skin• Low consumption, energy saving• Long lifespan...
Lockable Universal Car Roof Racks

Lockable Universal Car Roof Racks

From $99

Highlights• Aircraft grade aluminium construction• Anti-rust/corrosion• Anti-theft security locking system - 2 keys included• Elliptical shape to minimise wind resistance• Adjustable width to fit different vehicles with rails• Suitable for many other large sized car/SUV/UTE/Canopy w/ raised roof rails of up to 117cm apartSpecifications1350MM Lockable...
Sofa - Lounge Sofa Chair

Lounge Sofa Chair

On Sale from $119 Regular price $289

What's better than putting a floor lounge bed to make your living room more inviting and entertaining to relax with family and guests, do activities like play games and watch television? With our product, you can adjust to many positions from head, waist, leg and...
Mermaid Tail Fleece Blanket

Mermaid Tail Fleece Blanket

From $39

HighlightsAchieve your aquatic aspirations without expensive leg/tail reconstruction surgery.Plenty of colourful mermaid breeds to choose from.SpecificationsMaterial: 100% polyesterColours available: rose tail+pink, rose tail+blue, purple tail+rose, purple tail+pink, blue tail+roseOpenings with scale fish trimmings, size L excludedPerfect for using on the couch, for camping, sleepovers, in...
Pair Of Unisex UGG Sheepskin Insoles

Pair of Unisex UGG Sheepskin Insoles

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Highlights• Not only do they look like little fluffy clouds, you'll also feel like you're walking on one too.• Australian Genuine SheepSkin• Made with premium wool, keep your feet warm• Comfort and cushioning• Can be used with any shoes• Unisex InsolesSizes• Length 23.5cm• Length 24cm•...
Pet Product - Pet Cushion Bed

Pet Cushion Bed

On Sale from $49 Regular price $69

Highlight• Supports joints and soothes pressure points• Durable 600D oxford fabric- water-proof & dirt proof• Breathable fabric-for four seasons usage• Premium PP cotton filling- Plush & generously cushioned• Removable & washable cover• Hidden zipper prevents dog from chewing• Tough stitching for long term usage• Lightweight...
Photo Frame - Photo Frame Set - 11Pcs

Photo Frame Set - 11Pcs

On Sale $39 Regular price $69

Adding a touch of Mona Lisa to the wall may not suit everyone, but if it is a collection of family photos, loved ones, friends or the favourite pet, it could be the favourite of the most of us.Adding a contemporary touch to the walls...
Pyramid Silicone Mat

Pyramid Silicone Mat

On Sale $19 Regular price $29

Highlights• Raises up food during cooking• Allows fat to drip away• Air circulates freely for crisper, juicier and evenly cooked results• Can be trimmed to fit • Rolls for storage• Oven safe up to 220°CSpecifications• Sizes: 41.5 x 29cm x 1cmBuy Details• Price Include Postage...
Range Of Outdoor Fire Pits - Available In Three Designs

Range of Outdoor Fire Pits - Available in three designs

On Sale from $109 Regular price $169

Highlights• Perfect for parties and get-together; this outdoor fire pit will keep everyone warm and cosy while you enjoy the winter evenings.• Multi-functional being a BBQ stove and a fire pit• Powder-coated sturdy frame• Comes with mesh lid for safety and security• Suitable for every...
Food Storage - Reusable Bento Food Storage Containers

Reusable Bento Food Storage Containers

From $16

Prepare a tasty lunch and take it to work and school with these food storage containers featuring a carry handle and vacuum sealHighlights• Great for bringing your lunch to work or snacks on a picnic• Keep your leftovers as tasty and fresh as can be...
Solar Light - Solar Fence Lights

Solar Fence Lights


Highlights• Super bright LED with on/off switch• Extended range up to 5m• Automatically switch on at night• 6 to 8 hours of daylight charging• Long operation time of up to 9 hours• Simple installation• No wiring or additional power supply required• Ideal for gardens, lawns,...
Diffuser - Ultrasonic LED Aroma Diffuser

Ultrasonic LED Aroma Diffuser

On Sale $49 Regular price $79

Highlights• Unqiue vase design• Light wood grain colour• Ultrasonic aroma diffuser• 4-in-1: Aromatheraphy, humidifier, purifier, night light• For aromatheraphy: Add 5 or more drops of essential oil• 7 selectable night light colours• Ultra-fine cool mist• Can be used as a sterilizer with vinegar• 2 mist...
Waterproof Electric Pet Heating Pad

Waterproof Electric Pet Heating Pad

On Sale $59 Regular price $89

Do you have an unhappy pet whimpering at the side of your bed these cold winter nights? Well endure no longer, pamper your pet and indulge them in the ultimate bedding experience with this Heated Pet Pad. It is so easy and convenient to use,...